I'm the sole practitioner here at Calmia Saint Kilda Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic.  So you'll know exactly who you are getting when you make an appointment!

 I came to Oriental Medicine due to a series of ailments I had in in my 20's that were resolved through the methods of acupuncture, Chinese & Ayurvedic herbal medicine & dietary therapy. Its efficacy impressed me immensely.


I am particularly interested in Lifestyle analysis. Adopting easily transmutable changes to your daily routine and 'food as medicine' to effect better health outcomes. As the Chinese Ancients say “when you have an ailment 1st you change your diet & Lifestyle habits. If this does not work then you get acupuncture, if this does not work then you try Herbal medicine or internal medicine as it’s known”.


I love the practice of acupuncture. Love its outcomes. I was mentored by Daniel WaIdman whilst training and learnt 1st hand his exquisite palpatory technique. Subsequently I use a variety of styles & forms including Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese protocol, Master Tung, Dr Tan, Mark Seem to name a few. I have an added interest in auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) which I often use as an adjunct to my treatments.


Study and updating my credentials are a constant for me. This calling is my ingredient X in life😊 & I hope to be able to assist you in whatever you bring to the table in my clinic.


Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you need any clarification on any aspect of me or my practice.

Cheers & Peace


Suzie Phillips

Acupuncture Specialist

& Herbal Medicine Provider

Ba. Hlth Sc. in TCM (UTS),

ACCMA - 2150

AHPRA – CMR0001709601